The Lawyer Careers Podcast: How to secure an NQ job at a new firm

On 22 October, gmk’s Michael Madigan and Katherine Jones were invited to the offices of The Lawyer to participate in a Podcast providing guidance to trainees who are approaching qualification on how to secure their desired role (see link below). The discussion touched on a number of areas and provided a useful insight into what trainees should be doing in order to ensure they are successful in obtaining a role upon qualification. Key discussion points included:

  • how to decide whether to stay at your training firm or look elsewhere on qualification;
  • how to secure a position in your preferred area of law;
  • a description of the services that a recruitment consultant has to offer;
  • advice regarding the preparation of your CV; and
  • a general discussion of the state of the NQ market at the moment and what is expected for 2016 qualifiers.

At the end of the discussion Michael and Katherine were also invited to share one key bit of advice for those approaching qualification – although you will have to listen to the podcast to find out! Michael and Katherine would be happy to hear from those approaching qualification in 2016 – all details to be found on the gmk website ( We hope you enjoy listening!

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