Environmental policy

gmk is committed to minimising the impact of its working practices upon the environment. We actively promote the following steps within the company:

  • Comprehensive recycling facilities are provided throughout our premises and all employees of the company are actively encouraged to utilise them
  • We encourage the responsible disposal of all waste products by liaising closely with our landlord and the local authority
  • We comply with all applicable environmental legal requirements relevant to our company
  • We ensure, wherever possible, that goods procured come from environmentally friendly or sustainable sources (for instance, we source electricity for the office from 100% renewable sources, all batteries are rechargeable and all office supplies are sourced from a green supplier)
  • We encourage employees to work towards a paperless office
  • We operate a cycle scheme to encourage employees to cycle to work
  • We ensure this policy is communicated to everyone working for gmk

For further information about gmk’s environmental policies please contact Jon Garrett

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