NQ Job Search – Where To Start…?

Preparing your CV is the first step in the process. Our gmk NQ Guide has some useful tips on how to do this and our sample CV will give you an idea of what to include. Firms receive dozens of CVs, so yours should be easy to navigate and provide details of your academics, training contract seats (including examples of work undertaken) and any other relevant information such as languages, previous employment and other achievements.

As trainees tend to qualify in March or September, NQ vacancies tend to be released in the preceding months leading up to qualification; roles can be release anywhere from 3 months prior to and right up to the main qualification dates. Most firms have a policy of not releasing external vacancies until their own internal processes are completed.

US firms can be a little quicker off the mark and some release their roles earlier than this. This is because many do not have trainees of their own so are able to predict much earlier what their needs will be (though this has changed in recent years as some of the larger US firms have recruited their own trainees).

If you are unsure whether your training firm will be able to offer you a qualified role then around November or May is a good time to register with an agency depending on when you qualify.

Our NQ guide has many more tips on how to structure your search; to download a copy of this and our CV Sample follow the links below…

Although a recruitment agency should never send your CV out without your express consent it is good practice to state when registering that you do not wish your CV or personal details to be released without your express consent for each vacancy; and keep a strict record of where and when your CV been sent to avoid duplication.

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